Beatnik on the River and Café Bonhomme

Pure Patio Greatness From the Beatnik Team

Happy Hour on Daybeds. It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This.

By Christine Pundavela ·
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You know Beatnik.

That sexy boîte on a very un-sexy stretch of Chicago Avenue.

Well, they just took that heat and planted it right next to the Chicago River with a new offshoot, plus added a little something called Café Bonhomme inside for good measure. They're both open now. Bask in their glory here.

What you have in Beatnik are beautiful faces, beautiful food and beautiful drinks, all squeezed onto the sexiest of outdoor patios. You'll want to get there for happy hour for sure, but more on that in a minute.

First, step inside the aforementioned café space. It used to be Pearl Brasserie, but the vibe now leans more 1930s café society than anything. And there are mirrors just... everywhere. Behind the bar. Below the bar. Mirrored columns. Shiny reflective brass light fixtures. Presumably so you can make sure you look good while eating smoked salmon croissants and sipping café au laits.

So come happy hour, this is what you do. Proceed to the back of the bistro and make a left, where stairs will lead you to Beatnik. Suddenly, you're in Morocco. Tahiti. Bali. Maybe somewhere on the Mediterranean. Regardless: still Chicago. 

There are daybeds galore, fancy umbrellas and an urban jungle of greenery and pillows. There's also this globe-trotting menu

You might be looking at an all-day, all-night daybed situation here.

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