Wood-Fired Pizzas, Homemade Pastas and Ricotta Pillows From the Maple & Ash Chef

The Hearth Is All Fired Up at Danny Grant's Etta

By Christine Pundavela ·
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If we were to tell you that the chef from Maple & Ash just built you a shrine to successful date nights and delicious wood-fired things, what would you s—

Oh. And there you went.

To Etta, a lovely new datery from Chef Danny Grant that serves simple, elevated dishes with a kiss of fire. It's open now in Bucktown and here it is in pictures.

Inside, it's like a beachy summer home on the coast. Worn wood beams, whitewashed brick walls, rustic tables, mismatched chairs. It's a vibe that lends itself particularly well to group dinners. But not tonight.

Tonight, you've got a casual date thing happening. Tonight, you're starting with a round of Rikki-Tiki-Tavi cocktails. Because it's fun to say and you enjoy obscure Rudyard Kipling references, sure. But also because it's got Denizen 3-year rum, arrack, walnut orgeat and Underberg in it.

Couple that with some ricotta pillows or fire-baked focaccia with ricotta-honey and truffle. As long as there's pizza and ricotta on your table, you can't order wrong from there. Related: it bears repeating that it's all about that wood-fired hearth here. Fish. Chicken. Oysters. The humble potato. All get their turn in the fire.

And coming later this summer: a second bar and a rooftop terrace.

You love a good twist ending.

Christine Pundavela

Christine Pundavela takes pride in a perfect parallel parking job and has a habit of planning her next vacation while she’s on vacation. She also fancies herself a good cook despite the fact that she only does it twice a year.

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