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You’ve Got 60 Minutes to Get Out of Here

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You’re familiar with how rooms work.

You enter.

You exit.


But sometimes rooms have clues, hidden keys and speakers playing Prince in them.

Just another day at Escape the Room, a new place for getting trapped, discovering clues and hopefully getting un-trapped, booking now and opening Friday Downtown.

This place will remind you of those other times you’ve been willingly locked in a room for an hour and had to use teamwork and puzzle-solving skills to exit. How does this keep happening to you?

Regardless, go online and book an option like the ’80s Rec Room or the Apartment. The former has an Atari system and blue shag carpet on the walls. The latter looks like an apartment. They’re both here in this slideshow.

You’ll start in a hallway with black-and-white zigzag-y walls. It’s unsettling. Then you and some friends and strangers will do things like enter numbers into a microwave, answer ’80s trivia questions or mercilessly bang on the door in hopes of triggering a locked drawer or something.

Clues will appear on the screens in each room, guiding you further along. If you make it out in 60 minutes or less, great job. If not, who knows what’ll happen.

Nothing will happen. You’ll be fine.


Escape the Room
200 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30303


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