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The Hooch Has Certain Demands. Like These.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 5 Photos Tubing Toolkit
In light of the fact that summer just officially happened, ask yourself this one simple question:

Are you in a river?


Good. There’s still time.

For this Tubing Toolkit, a glorious amalgam of summer-appropriate goods that are ready to accompany you on a leisurely float down the lazy river of your choosing. We trust you’ll find this slideshow to your liking.

Striking up conversations with clothing-averse strangers. Drinking homemade cocktails. Smiling a lot. Every now and then, those things all take place at once while drifting down a body of water.

So first, get excited. Then, go lay out your swim trunks from a suit shop.

It’s a business-casual river.

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