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Eventide Made You a Tasting Room

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All right, everyone, it’s brewery Thursday.

That’s not a thing.

But if it were, today would most certainly apply.

Tap into the Eventide Brewing Tasting Room, the long-awaited addition to the brewery that will now facilitate such pleasantries as beer tastings, live music and lawn games, soft-open as of today in Grant Park.

Eventide has been brewing for a while now. But suddenly, as a direct result of either loneliness or a solid business plan, they’ve decided to let you in and hang out with a glass of beer in your hand.

It’s a pretty simple place. The room is big and open and smells of hops and post-work back slaps. And just in front of the white cinder block wall is a large bar you’ll come to know well. It’s right here in this slideshow.

On nice days, they’ll open the roll-top door, and you’ll likely be found outside in the small beer garden sipping hefeweizens and playing cornhole. Or inside listening to the band and playing giant Jenga.

They’ll also have some kegs that won’t make it to shelves and release one each month while the others continue to age. Feel free to come back in to see how the flavors evolve over time.

Or just drink beer for normal reasons.


Eventide Brewing Tasting Room
at Eventide Brewing
1015 Grant St SE
Atlanta, GA, 30315


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