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A Tiny House with Normal-Size Things in It

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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It’s time to get back to the simpler days.

The days when your house was tiny and on wheels but still had a flat-screen and a fireplace in it.

Life was so easy back then.

Minimize your excitement for Escape Traveler, a custom-built, portable micro-house that can live in your backyard or anywhere else you want it to live, now available online. (Here’s what she looks like.)

This has all the comforts of a full-size home. A full-size home with the added benefit of looking like the Little House on the Prairie family went halfsies on a vacation home with the Jetsons.

Each has 269 square feet of living space. That’s enough room to fit a couple queen-size beds, a couch and a tub/shower combo in the bathroom. Plus it sleeps six, so have your friends bring friends. Or don’t. Your tiny house, your rules.

Or maybe you need a new home office. It’s got plenty of space for desks and watercoolers. And there’s a fireplace for a toastier mini boardroom.

And since you can haul it, another option is to hook it up and just... leave. The road is your home now.

(The road doesn’t have to be your home now.)

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