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Here’s... the Country’s Largest Ninja Course

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Hiding in the shadows.

Communicating through the wind.

Disappearing into smoke.

Drinking bourbon-spiked milkshakes.

These are the ways of the ninja.

And you’ll learn those ways at Slingshot Entertainment, a mystical warehouse full of adult activities ranging anywhere from bowling to go-kart racing to drinking spiked milkshakes to blazing through the country’s largest ninja obstacle course, opening Friday in Peachtree Corners.

First, take a look. Then read these other words about it:

Upon arrival, you’ll sign a waiver.
You knew there’d be a waiver.

Then, just pace yourself. Maybe start in the bowling alley.
Which has flat-screens and leather sofas and bowling.

Or on the racetrack.
It exists here for some reason, and it has go-karts that reach 35 mph.

Or at the bar.
What with its pulled-pork pizzas and bourbon- or rum-spiked milkshakes that are served until 1am.

But let us not forget the entire reason you’re here...
The ninja course. It’s 12,000 square feet (which, yes, makes it the largest in the country), the designer was a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, and it’s riddled with all kinds of ropes and ramps and soft inflatable pits for lesser ninjas to fall into.

And probably still you a bunch of times.


Slingshot Entertainment
6344 Cash Court NW
Peachtree Corners, GA, 30071


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