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This Charleston Hotel. It’s Just So Splendid.

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What’s your stance on stuffed peacocks inside of hotel bars?

Your silence says everything.

Toss a bag in the trunk for The Spectator Hotel, a new 41-room leisure palace filled with art, cumulus-cloud-like beds and drawn-out vowels, now open in downtown Charleston. (And here she is.)

Couple things to know before arriving:

The lobby is more like a dark, art-filled study.
Dark wood and art can have that effect. You’ll check in, accept your gratis welcome cocktail (like a Low Country Sangria), greet the stuffed peacock in the bar area, then head up to your room.

And the rooms look like the opposite of downstairs.
Each is bright and white and has so few peacocks. But the time for sleep isn’t now. Drop your bags and embark upon the 0.1-mile walk over to the Gin Joint.

Don’t forget the hotel bar, though.
It also has gin and it’s a great stop before mounting one of the hotel’s bikes and pedaling off to dinner. And after a weekend of baby-like sleep and in-room massages, call your butler and have him pack up your things.

Right. You’ve got a butler.
Everyone does here. He’ll shine your shoes, bring you tea and either pack or unpack your clothes.

The masseuse usually gives the massage.


The Spectator Hotel
67 State St
Charleston, SC, 29401


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