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A 1,000-Foot Slip ’N Slide in Decatur

None Remember the joy you felt as a kid when you’d run full speed and dive onto a Slip ’N Slide?

This is like that, only 1,000 feet long and with live music and beer.

Better with age is Slide the City, a just-brilliant idea involving a one-day party that takes place around a gigantic, wet slide. Registration opens today for the July 25 main event.

Tell 12-year-old you to look away. Great. Now tell current-you to pay attention and get excited.

First, you’ll register. You can opt for one trip or three trips down this thing. So probably three trips down this thing.

Then, you’ll show up on the big day, don your provided mouth guard, and run and jump and slide and scream things like “Nice” and “This is fast” and “Where are my shorts?” and “Never mind. Found them.”

And should you conclude that the offerings of food, beer and live music will only serve to enhance your day, then you are very good at conclusions and you deserve to slide.

You deserve to slide.

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