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This Is a Virtual YouTube Theater. Discuss.

None Not since the advent of television has there been a tool so integral to our shared media experience.

And we’re only being really hyperbolic.

It’s WeMesh, an app that turns your phone into a YouTube theater where you and others can all watch the same thing at the same time, so it’s like you’re together even if you’re scattered around the country—it’s available now for iPhone (and Android soon).

You’ll use this to...

1) Relive “that classic scene.”
First, download the app. Then search “that classic scene” and invite friends to join. Proceed to watch in perfect sync while texting and voice-chatting about key moments as they happen. Don’t actually search “that classic scene.” Unless you really love Airplane.

2) Engage politically.
Scroll through the app’s featured YouTube videos. Click on a Daily Show segment and discuss the 2016 presidential election. There. You’re doing meta-meta-news.

3) Receive instant feedback on your “Landslide” cover.
Soon you’ll be able to upload videos to the app directly from your phone, so you can interact with viewers as they watch.

This all assumes you know people who look at their phones a lot.

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