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A Cozy Place for Wine and Pizza

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This place used to be a juice bar.

Now it’s a wine bar.

Which seems like a real upgrade in the fruit-consumption department.

Say hi to Winslow’s. It’s a cozy little Fort Worth import that’s plying you with pizzas, sandwiches and wine, and it just opened on Cedar Springs. (Here’s your slideshow.)

Inside you’ve got white brick walls, wooden tables and a full bar, plus some exposed overhead bulbs that give the whole place a real casual-date vibe. And don’t discount that fiery oven in back, because that’s where the pizza happens. (See the menu.)

So in the event you a) are going on a date soon, b) have wine-drinking friends to entertain, or c) enjoy the occasional charcuterie board, you’ll want to swing by. Grab a seat at that leather banquette to your left, or post up at the bar to your right. Then consult the wine list and find something agreeable. Perhaps a glass of champagne or a nice malbec, or whatever the close-your-eyes-and-point method reveals.

And sometime next month, they’re planning to open earlier on weekends for brunch. So that means breakfast sandwiches and Bloody Marys.

Both good things.

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