High Fives

Take Five

Good Drinks and Sunlight off Henderson

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Put your hands together for High Fives, an indoor/outdoor hangout that’s flush with sunshine and cold drinks, now open at Henderson and McMillan. Here, take a peek.

This place comes to you from the guys behind such establishments as the Standard Pour and So & So’s. And that spells good news if you’re into having fun, having drinks or, ideally, having both at the same time. Here you can do that indoors at the bar or outdoors at the other bar. That’s right, two bars.

We can picture it now. You make plans one of these upcoming evenings to spend a few hours relaxing on that big front patio. You’re seated at a blue picnic table with a cold canned beer or a caipirinha in one hand and a BLT in the other. Meanwhile, your friend turns to you and raises his arm, thereby inviting your hand to meet his in a joint clap. And you have to make a choice: put down your sandwich, put down your drink or shun your friend.

Anyway, that’s just one of the tough decisions you might encounter here.

Otherwise, it’s a fine spot.

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