So French and So Clean

Here You Have the Perfect Summer Linen Shirt

None When you’re sipping rum...


Somewhere recklessly hot and not far from the imaginary line equidistant from the earth’s two poles...

You should probably be shirtless.

Or at the very least, wearing something from Mister French, your new provider of soft linen things more suited to sun-soaked leisure than not, online now.

You’ll put one on before a beach day. Or before a party where you’ll look like a person who likes beach days.

You’ll go about your business, rolling and unrolling your sleeves. Unless it’s short-sleeved because they have those, too.

You’ll affirmatively answer questions like “Is that single-stitch linen sourced from Italy and assembled in Portugal?”

You’ll receive compliments on the very beach-appropriate coral color of your new body covering. (Or the also very beach-appropriate mint, red, white or sea blue options...)

You’ll fold your sunglasses and triumphantly hang them from the Sunset Loop—a fabric band a few inches down from your collar, existing specifically for that purpose.

And somewhere in between, you’ll procure some stuff from the founders’ recent trip to Mexico. Like beach blankets. And bedazzled Mexican matchbooks.

And bedazzled Mexican matchbooks.

Felt worth repeating.

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