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A Historic Inn Doubles in Size

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Well, check this place out. Really, do it right here.

Nice, isn’t it? You’ve been looking at the newly refurbished Morrison-Clark Inn, now more than doubled in size. It’s officially reopened.

The original townhouses here date to the Civil War, but now they’ve expanded into the former Chinese Community Church next door. The result: Victorian-meets-Asian design, lots of little private nooks and plenty of ways to use them. Like:

Breakfast on the veranda. As of this morning, you can get your coffee and eggs outside, on wicker furniture and under ceiling fans. Nice. Within a couple weeks, they’ll be adding a lunch and dinner menu in the ornate dining room.

A clandestine romantic meetup. You’ll find each other at the new lobby bar, with its backlit onyx and red stools. Get your drinks and head out to the multilevel brick courtyard. Or if the situation calls for some privacy, make for the adjoining library, where you’ll speak in hushed tones. But if you start reading books, you’re doing it wrong.

An extended clandestine romantic meetup. This would be where the 114 rooms come into play, some with original stained-glass windows, private balconies and dramatic tubs.

Those are the ones you want.

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