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Ah, the Joys of Prolonged Photo Sharing

None Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Okay, now check Hipstamatic DSPO, a new app for creating collaborative, time-released photo albums with friends so you can do things and then prove it within an hour to a year later, now available for iPhone.

You’ve probably come across similar apps in the past, then smashed your phone because they weren’t right. Understandable. But this one has new stuff.

First, you’ll add friends. Then, you’ll take unlimited pictures and edit them and use fancy filters and draw big noses on people and have in-app chats (that’s the new stuff). Finally, when the time’s up, everyone views the photos and probably smiles quite a bit.

Let’s say it’s set for a full year. A lot happens in that year. You get a new car, go to blacksmithing school, catch a trout. Then, come next April... your album’s ready to view. You’ll say, “Has it been a year already?” Your friends will say, “Is that a trout?”

Or maybe it’s just for a day and everyone gets to see your ham sandwich.

Both are fine scenarios.

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