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Surf-Inspired Watches for Lake Michigan–ing

None You see a cloudless blue sky through a canopy of palm trees.

Feel the salty surf under your toes.

Hear the thump of coconuts falling onto a white sand beach.

But it’s all a dream. Because Lake Michigan is not the Pacific Ocean. And, well, you saw the italics...

Here to bring that equatorial flight of fancy a little closer to reality: Aulta Surf, a Hawaiian watch outfit bearing your new bounty of beach-ready timepieces, now available online.

Before we go any further, there are a few things you should know about the founders:

1) One of them is a pro surfer named Poncho who was born in a treehouse on the island of Kauai.

2) Nope, that’s it.

Now about those watches.

They’re all water-resistant. They’re all handsome enough to wear to the office but durable enough to wear to North Avenue Beach. And they all pair well with Hawaiian-print shirts and rum cocktails in tropical drinking vessels. What a relief.

The hard part of this operation will come when you have to decide between the saddle leather and stainless-steel strap. Or between the chronograph Leeway and the more traditional Seaward.

 The hard part is also the easy part.

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