Slow Ride

A New Line of Classic-Looking Bikes

Sure is nice out.

Sorta makes you want to bike to work. Then bike to the nearest beer garden/patio/sidewalk café. (We hear the bike lanes were specifically designed to connect such things.)

But about that bike: one of these could do the trick.

Introducing Brilliant, a new line of city bikes that are as handsome as they are functional, now available for delivery by Memorial Day.

These are attractive. Matte finishes in cool colors like Oxford green and steel blue. Deep-brown saddles and handlebars. The kind of bikes that go well with jeans and blazers, more than neon spandex.

Because the steel here is a little heavier than a racing bike. And you’ll pick from just one, three or seven gears, depending on how many hills you normally tackle. But this all means they’re durable and low maintenance.

Now, the slightly bad news: you’ll have to assemble the thing yourself. But it takes under an hour, and they’ll walk you through it online with step-by-step videos.

And while you’re at it, you can do a little extra customization by adding accessories like locks, lights, front baskets and bells.

The front basket is due for a comeback this summer.

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