Aivvy League

Headphones That Are More Magical Than Not

None The more you think about it, clouds are kind of assholes.

They ruined your vacation that one time.

They alter your plans to wear suede shoes.

They sometimes take the shape of animals, which is just sort of generally annoying. You know. Who shape-shifts?

Some clouds are okay, though...

Like the one that allows Aivvy Q to happen. It’s a new set of wireless headphones that stream music just like Pandora but don’t require any sort of Internet connection to stream music just like Pandora, now available for preorder and shipping in October.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

1) You’ll place the pretty-good-looking leather-and-aluminum headphones over your ears. Music will automatically start playing without you doing anything.

2) Springsteen comes on, but you’re in more of a Morrissey mood. Maybe it’s raining or something. Swipe the side of the headphone to skip.

3) “Every Day Is Like Sunday.” You approve. You tap the headphone once to express your approval.

Then, much like magic, the Aivvy cloud will update your music library based on your cached likes and dislikes once you plug it in to charge. Eventually, you’ll be the proud owner of a fully sentient pair of headphones.

You always thought robots would be first.

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