Shield of Dreams

It’s for Doing Spy Things. Or Other Things.

None There she is.

The mysterious blonde in the red hat.

Go to her. Don’t make eye contact, though.

She’ll slide over a napkin. Beneath that napkin is the device.

The one that’ll make you completely unknown.

Fine, it won’t go anything like that. But here’s this...

ICloak: a tiny new device that’s about to make your online presence a lot more offline, now available.

Pop this thing into any Mac or PC and—poof—it’s as if you’re not even there. Like a ghost. From the movie Ghost. Minus Whoopi Goldberg. And any hint of being like the movie Ghost.

Anyway, you’ll also be assigned a temporary IP address, which allows you unrestricted access to any firewall-protected and blocked website anywhere in the world. Look out, Canadian Netflix.

Ways this might come in handy:

—Making sure that special someone(s) won’t see the gift you just ordered them online.

—Boringly banking online in the hopes of keeping it boring.

—Watching Canadian Netflix.

When you’re finished being sneaky, eject the device and restart your computer. The IP number is automatically reset and your footprints are gone. Hidden. Like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act.

What’s wrong with us.

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