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A Revolving Door of Sunglasses

None Ever heard the one about how when you buy things, you have to keep them?

That’s a good one.

Slowly start realizing why that’s a good one with Ditto Endless Eyewear, an aptly monikered new service that basically lets you borrow sunglasses and prescription glasses for indefinite periods of time (somebody sound the “It’s like Netflix for...” alarm), now online.

All right, so what you’ll do is you’ll go to the site and sign up. Then they’ll put you on a waiting list because they’re just starting and that’s sometimes what happens when people just start. Hopefully you won’t be looking at more than a couple weeks. Getting in early helps. Good thing you’re getting in early.

We all set with that?

Great. Now for the fun part. The part where you become a member and have the run of frames ranging anywhere from Steven Alans to Persols to Ray-Bans. They just... send them to you. Swap them out for a new pair whenever you want. Or don’t. Up to you.

When you think about it, this really frees up a lot of time for you to eat brunch on patios in aviators and walk down streets in bookish tortoiseshell prescription frames.

Other things, even.

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