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On Georgia’s Long Affair with Motorcycles

TV has the Emmys.

Music has the Grammys.

Books have the...

Well, books don’t have TV yet.

But they do have motorcycles. Exhibit A: Georgia Motorcycle History, a 60-year photographic recount of biking’s origins, evolution and place in Georgia’s past, now available online.

You’re working with about 250 images’ worth of antique motorcycles and the legendary rapscallions who rode them. Basically, it’s a historical how-to guide for looking cool.

You’ll start with the year 1899. That’s apparently the first time anyone in Georgia had ever seen a motorcycle. It involved a bicycle race in Piedmont Park that drew a crowd of 6,000. Then some wise guy showed up with a motor clipped to the side of his bike. He likely won.

It continues through 1959, exploring the transition from that one simple motorbike at the park to groups of café racers found ripping around horse tracks throughout the state.

We should also probably mention that at least one image of some guys posing on a tandem bike in sweater onesies exists in this thing.

Don’t get any ideas.

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