Mardi All the Time

Your Guide to Fat Tuesday

You’ve already been sipping hot toddies in front of a fire all day. But come evening, it’s time to do something with a little more focus, like these Fat Tuesday events.

Marching, Then Eating

Marching, Then Eating

You require: Some alfresco marching and music after your midafternoon snowball fight.
You’ll receive: A second-line parade from Dupont Circle to Bayou, where you’ll find dinner and two more bands. Yes, with horns.

4pm-midnight, $25, Bayou, 2519 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 202-223-6941

Mintwood Goes Louisiana

Mintwood Goes Louisiana

You require: Just a nice dinner. But louder.
You’ll receive: A one-night-only New Orleans menu at Mintwood, starring faux turtle soup, jambalaya, beignets and cocktails like hurricanes, Ramos gin fizzes and Sazeracs. And a band.

A Heated Block Party at Bayou Bakery

A Heated Block Party at Bayou Bakery

You require: The show to go on.
You’ll receive: A Mardi Gras block party in a heated tent, despite the fact that the nearby Clarendon Mardi Gras parade has already been postponed. What this means: Rappahannock oysters, gumbo, king cake and Abita. Yeah, that works.

A Carnevale Feast at Fiola

A Carnevale Feast at Fiola

You require: Something that would make the pope proud.
You’ll receive: Three courses of meat-eschewing dishes, like scallop crudo with prosciutto, branzino with risotto, and ricotta bomboloni. Little donuts are nothing if not divine.

5pm-close, $60, Fiola, 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, reserve at 202-628-2888, see the menu

Or Just Have Some Tequila...

Or Just Have Some Tequila...

You require: Something more Spanish colonial than French colonial.
You’ll receive: A not-really-very-Mardi-Gras-at-all party at Mission, with $7 jalapeño margaritas and $4 tequila shots... which come gratis should you don a sombrero. It’ll keep the snowdrifts out of your face, too.

5pm-close, Mission, 1606 20th St NW, 202-525-2010

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