Yes We Kam’

Skis. Dogsleds. Shamans. Must Be Siberia.

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Hey. Happy Valentine’s Day. We got you something.

It’s Ultimate Winter in Kamchatka, an eight-day trip with volcanoes, dogsledding and shamans in where-else-but-Siberia, now booking for March and April departures.

(Sorry if you actually wanted chocolates...)

Now, bring on the questions.

Can you point out Kamchatka on a map?
Uh... just know that it’s on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire. And that your comfortable hotels will be surrounded by hot springs.

Maybe a slideshow would help...
Great idea. Here’s the slideshow.

What’ll we do there?
Oh, you know. Snowmobile to a waterfall. Ski or snowboard down a volcano. Hang out in a nomad camp with the local Koryaks. Pretty typical Siberia stuff, really.

Tell me more about these Koryaks.
Sure. They’ll feed you local delicacies while a shaman tells stories. And after that, they’ll teach you to dogsled.

Nice. Kinda feels like there should be a helicopter tour involved, though.
We know what you mean. Maybe something that flies over the second-largest concentration of geysers and hot springs in the world.

Yeah, is there one of those?
You’ll have to see for yourself. But yes.

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