Going Pro

Touring Iceland by Boat. A Really Nice Boat.

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For this cruise, you’ll need:

—Sunglasses, check.
—Sunscreen, of course.
—Wide-brimmed hat, affirmative.
—Warm jacket: yep.

Oh, did we mention you’re going to Iceland?

You’re going to Iceland.

All aboard Iceland Pro Cruises, a new ship that’s specializing in voyages and excursions around that place we just said, now booking for summer departures.

First up: some pretty pictures. And now, the highlight reel.

Your Ship Is a Nice Ship
Her name is Ocean Diamond, and she’s sporting comfortable suites, an attractive wooden deck and a real class act of a bar. She’s also nimble enough to navigate some of the Arctic’s more off-the-beaten-path channels. Total package, this one.

Choose Your Own Adventure
You’ve got a handful of routes to choose from. So tour the historic castles of the British Isles, follow the Viking trail to Greenland or do something else entirely. Like circle the whole damn island.

There Are Excursions, Too
Board one of the ship’s Zodiacs to do some whale watching. Or play a round of golf in a shrunken volcanic crater because that’s a real thing. Or take a snowmobile trip around the glaciers where parts of Game of Thrones were filmed.

Probably not the desert scenes.

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