Ride Along

It’s Ski Jumping. It’s Bungee Jumping. It’s Both.

We’re about to send you hurtling down a 230-foot void.

But don’t worry, we’re not mad at you or anything.

It’ll be fun.

Best of luck with Bun J Ride Tignes, a new diversion that’s part ski jump, part bungee jump, part zipline and all crazy, now open in the French Alps.

If you’ve ever wanted to jump off a ramp that’s atop an 8,500-foot-high mountain but, like, not die... then this might just be for you.

Here’s how it works: first, find this thing. It’s situated next to the “Lac” slope by the chairlift. Choose your preferred vehicle, snowboard or skis. Then step into a harness that’s attached to two mobile elastic cords, look down, question your decision, say a prayer and...

... off you go, speeding down the nearly 100-foot runway. Then, when the ramp runs out, you’ll fly out and down. Way down. Thirteen stories down. And just as you start seeing a montage of your life flash before your eyes, the cords stabilize and you zipline back down to earth.

It all sounds pretty straightforward.

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