Spoil Alert

Someone to Watch Over Your Gifting

None It’s right on the tip of our tongue.

There’s some kind of day coming up, where you need to give something to someone.

There’s red involved? Candy?

Babies shooting arrows? That can’t be right.

Oh well, just use this and you’re covered.

It’s called Spoil, and it’s a website where your visit ends in excellent gifts being given by you. It’s online now.

Purses, tea sets, jewelry, scarves. Those all may go into a package that’ll be delivered in time for, um, whatever the hell that day is.

But first:

Go to the site and choose an occasion. Options include “Happy Birthday,” “I’m Sorry” and “Happy Valentine’s Day.” The basics.

From there, choose from a few categories of gifts they’d like—let’s go with “Artsy & Funky”—and answer a few more specific free-form questions to narrow it down. (Yes, you can type “Just give them a watch.”)

Then you write your note and are done, whilst they slave away making you look considerate and piecing together a set of perfect bestowals.

It’s better this way.

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