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Wooden Boomboxes Engraved with Lasers

None This has a twist ending.

But first, we talk about Wooden Boombox, a very accurately named amalgam of wooden listening devices that were engraved by lasers to look like turntables or 1930s radios, now available online.

Yes, these take after Fresh Prince–era stereos of yore. And they’re packing two three-inch full-range speakers. But there are a few crucial differences:

1) They’re Bluetooth-enabled. Not weird. Not surprising.

2) They’re made out of Hawaiian koa plywood. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.

3) They’re laser-engraved with one of five designs created by different artists. These range from a faux DJ turntable to an FDR-era radio to a simple box with the phrase “DJ, Turn It Up” on the front. A phrase that is always advisable.

4) After the engraving, they’re sent to North Carolina to be assembled by hand before being shipped into your loving arms.

North Carolina was the twist ending.

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