Shout It Out

A Social App Based on Pure Proximity

None Quick: what do you have in common with every single person in a two-mile radius?

Let’s see, there’s...

Well, why don’t we just focus on the proximity for now.

Enter: Shout, a new social app that lets you share content only among people in your vicinity, now available for iPhone.

So this isn’t out to get you dates or pass your résumé around. Despite the name, it’s also not out to play Tears for Fears’ best song over and over (although... idea).

Nope, this simply connects you with people near you, no matter the reason. Call it up, drag the slider to set the range from 30 feet to 25 miles and start asking questions, posting photos and replying to others’ posts.

It’s the kind of thing that’s useful at a music festival, a ski resort, or maybe during a snowstorm when you’re wondering who has electricity. Or brandy. Or who’s up for an impromptu snowball fight.

And unlike some social apps, here users can’t be anonymous.

The parkas and ski masks are anonymous enough.

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