Phone Shark

This App Turns Your Friend’s Phone into Yours

None If you’ve never misplaced your phone or your phone has never died, kindly remove yourself from the room for being a liar.

We good? Great.

As for everyone else, this is Hotel My Phone, a new app that lets you use your friend’s phone like it’s your very own, now available for iPhone and Android.

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is... really useful. Mostly because now you can access your contacts, make calls, and send and receive texts using your own number. All from someone else’s phone. Technology is neat.

First, download the thing. Then tell some people who you would consider to be very patient friends to download it.

Then, the next time you’re in need, grab someone’s phone, pull up the app and hit the “Check-In” button. There. All better now. You’re free to pretty much do anything you’d normally do on your own phone.

Yeah, your friends are going to hate you.

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