Short’s Story

And Now, the Year in Short Without Context

Saying goodbye is hard.

So let’s not say that to 2014 just yet.

Instead, let’s reminisce about all the great things that happened... without any context whatsoever.

We’re calling it The Year in Short because that seemed like a good thing to call it. Anyway, on with the words...

It’s no pope’s robe, but it’ll do.”

“Or when you need to return a player piano, a velvet cape and a bag of marbles to a one-eyed man named Sebastian.”

So, more ‘br’ than ‘unch.’

“Sweet God, that sounded creepy.”

“Way too many lobster corn dogs and juleps flying around here.”

Seriously? Seriously.”

“Ways you can reach it other than by boat: 0”

“... people taking pictures of other people wearing things like purple robes and garters.”

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