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A Coffee Shop with 1,500 Vinyl Records

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A highly skilled barista. Pastries. And the wi-fi code.

That’s all you need from your coffee shop.

Unless, of course, there are DJs, vinyl listening stations, burritos and beer to be had.

In which case, you’d be at Silver Spring’s Bump ‘n Grind, a hybrid coffee shop/café/vinyl shop, soft-opening tonight. (See the slideshow here.)

This is the kind of place that makes the statement “I’m going to Silver Spring for a cappuccino” sound sensible.

First, claim a table along the window. Then get a pour-over or a cappuccino from local roasters. Get it with local chocolate. Get it with hemp milk, even.

Then head over to the vinyl section. They’ll have about 1,500 records of house, techno, reggae and jazz (the owners are longtime local DJs/musicians/producers). If you need to investigate further, there are two listening stations with headphones, or a community record player.

And on any given night, you may walk into a DJ set, a record-release party or a live streaming radio show. Which means you may want to stick around for a DC Brau on tap, a burrito or a sandwich by local guys Broodjes & Bier.

Actually, you don’t even have to get a cup of coffee.


Bump ‘n Grind
1200 East-West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD, 20910


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