Food and Liquor, Straight to Your Door

None Sometimes you can’t be bothered with things like leaving the office and picking up lunch.

Or leaving the couch and putting on pants.

So it’s mighty fortunate that a couple delivery apps just launched in Dallas with the purpose of bringing needed sustenance (think soup and whiskey) straight to your door.

These are they.

The app: Favor.
The service: They’ll deliver food from an area restaurant.
The fee: There’s a $6 delivery charge.
The experience: We scrolled through the app to find a bunch of featured items. But we didn’t want any of those, so we wrote in a special request. And exactly 30 minutes later, our beef pho arrived intact and piping hot.
The findings: It works. And the ability to order pretty much anything left us feeling drunk with power.

The app: Minibar.
The service: Liquor delivery. By Jove, they might just be onto something here.
The fee: There isn’t one, so that’s nice.
The experience: The selection of beers, wines and spirits is a bit lackluster right now. But the app’s easy to use, and our bottle of scotch arrived a blazing 24 minutes after ordering.
The findings: That’s some fast scotch.

One could get used to this.

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