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Turning Emails into Physical Greeting Cards

None Sending holiday cards can be less than ideal. Just look:

—You go to the store.

—You spend precious seconds picking them out.

—You tear up your house looking for stamps.

—You lick those stamps.

—You mail those cards.

—You... don’t have to do that anymore.

Thank Dear Inbox, a new Chrome extension that sends snail mail for you straight from your Gmail account, now online.

This looks and works exactly like Gmail. Except it eventually becomes a physical piece of paper that’s placed in a physical envelope that gets mailed to someone’s physical mailbox. How quaint.

After you download the extension, a little green and purple logo will live by the “Compose” button. Click that logo. Then pick what you want your card to look like, and type your kind words in the box that appears. “Hi” is a good start.

They’ll print it, stamp it and presumably search all over town for a blue post office box while you don’t do those things. All you really need is the address of the recipient.

No, you can’t just wing that part.

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