Armed, I’m Sure

These Sweaters and These Jackets Need You

None Spoiler: this story ends with tweed.

As for the beginning: it’s Armitage & McMillan, stewards of particularly good-looking clothing made of tweed, plaid and lambswool that’s perfect for the things you’re about to do amongst falling leaves, now online.

This is the virtual version of a Denver brick-and-mortar that’s been doing quite well for itself by keeping Coloradans in gear from the likes of Saturdays, the Hill-side, Winter Session... on the list goes. And it’s run by a Unis vet and a Brooklyn Circus vet, which is to say they know their stuff.

Anyway, here are some scenarios where you’ll wear these things...

For making leaf angels: The tan parka with plenty of pockets.

For sipping all things mulled: The plaid button-down.

For tossing a football around: The red-and-gray-striped lambswool sweater.

For the homecoming game: The navy letterman’s jacket.

For the bathroom during holiday parties: The rosemary-and-mint-scented candle.

For when you’re someone else’s guest: The leather-wrapped copper flask.

For reading fireside in mahogany-paneled home libraries: The gray tweed jacket.

We thought that was a good ending, too.

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