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Two New Next-Level Theaters

None 13 Photos iPic Theaters and ArcLight Cinemas Bethesda
Before you buy your tickets to Interstellar, we’ve got something to discuss. Actually two things to discuss. Namely the two shiny new movie theaters in the area, complete with cocktails, lobster rolls and recliners, iPic Theaters (left) and ArcLight Cinemas Bethesda. Yeah, they’re both in the burbs. But hey, they may be worth the drive. Look at the slideshow, then look at the breakdown below...

The Movies
iPic: Mostly big new releases (Fury) with a few classics thrown in (A Nightmare on Elm Street and Casablanca this week).
ArcLight: Similar, but with no preshow ads. Bonus: film exhibits in the lobby, and occasional live-streaming Q&As after the show.
Edge: ArcLight. Tomorrow, they’ve even got a 10th anniversary Q&A with the cast of Saw.

The Snacks
iPic: A menu conducive to dining in the dark. Think lobster rolls and warm biscuits.
ArcLight: Housemade caramel corn in the theater, pizza and lobster rolls after the show.
Edge: iPic. Because you can also summon servers via call button.

The Libations
iPic: Beer, wine, bottled cocktails and liquid-nitrogen slushies.
ArcLight: Beer, wine and cocktails like The Heat, with tequila and ancho chilies.
Edge: iPic. They’ve got liquid-nitrogen slushies.

The Environs
iPic: Eight screens, all with reservable leather stadium seats. Or for a few extra bucks, upgrade to reclining seats with personal pillows and blankets.
ArcLight: 16 theaters, with all-reserved seating in plush chairs and a no-late-seating policy.
Edge: iPic. We’ll take blankets. Movies get long sometimes.

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