Stòffa Legends

Italy Made You Some Ties, Hats and Scarves

None Making fall look right.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

So maybe we make this our little secret...

It’s Stòffa, your new source for hats, ties, pocket squares and scarves made out of materials sourced from three Italian provinces that know just what to do with your shivering body, online now.

Their wool things are from Biella. Your scarves with subtle patterns in blue and green that are so soft, people will want to touch you more than you’re accustomed to being touched.

Their silk things are from Como. Your finely knit ties and pocket squares for gently placing in dinner jackets and gently dabbing béarnaise sauce off of pouty lips.

And their hat things are made in Borgosesia. Your felted beaver and rabbit numbers that you’ll store in a tube and unfold when the moment is just right.

Whenever you want to wear a tube hat, for instance.

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