Supplies and Demand

Unusual Office Things for Your Unusual Office

None A ball of twine from a Peruvian rainforest.

A black rock that’s been wrapped in bamboo.

A circular bronze box lined with gold on the inside.

A polished aluminum pen designed to last forever.

A copy of George Orwell’s 1984 with the title and author blacked out for some reason.

A handcrafted stamp with any words you could possibly think of on it, but probably just your name and address because that’s practical.

That was either:

1) The rider for your next world tour.

2) WMS & Co., a new purveyor of very real, very peculiar objects for your desk or any other place that could use some eccentric, now online.

These items come to you from a couple with an eye for the unusual. A couple who travel the world collecting artifacts with stories. Like that twine. It was carried down the Amazon River to a market in Iquitos before reaching you.

Anyway, that stuff is going to be there for you now if you need it.

And we suspect you do.

You do.

Okay, bye.

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