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Online Strangers Doing Your Bidding for Free

None File what you’re about to read under: so crazy, it just might work...

It’s a new website called DoThisASAP, where you can get a live human to complete random tasks for nothing in return. It’s online now.

If Google met TaskRabbit: this. It’s like having an unpaid intern you can send to the library to do stuff for you.

In case you’re wondering why they’re doing this for free, the site is ad-supported. (The more you know...) Approach with caution, though—as of press time, they seem to have been overrun with requests, so “ASAP” might be a bit of a misnomer.

But typically: you’ll go to the site, enter your request in the homepage search bar. Then shortly you’ll receive your answer via text or email.

All they ask is that you don’t get too silly for silliness’s sake. (We know it’s tough, but try.) But they say nothing about reasonably whimsical demands like:

—Create a simple logo for our startup charity “Hot Tubs for Humanity International.”

—Find the exact items in the gift baskets Derek Jeter gave to his paramours.

—Can you get Dan Aykroyd’s personal phone number?

Like we said, reasonable.

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