Sticker Situation

These Stickers Are Also Tracking Beacons

None Your dog. Your refrigerator. Your pants.

They aren’t dumb.

They just aren’t smartphone-compatible.

And it’s about damn time you did something about that...

Enter: Estimote Stickers, tiny computers in sticker form that turn anything into a “smart” something, available for preorder now and shipping in October.

Beacons that connect random objects to your smartphone by sensing motion, temperature and other things those objects can’t figure out on their own. That’s what these are. But stickers. Think about that. Then, consider these potential applications:

Complete cookie jar security.

Booby-trap the lid with one of these, and if it picks up movement, you’ll be notified immediately. Devise a fair and just punishment.

A location-sensitive alarm clock.
That only turns off once that sticker you placed in the shower senses your motion. You’re on your own after that.

A reminder that you have a dog.
Put a sticker on your dog’s collar, and if Paul (or whatever you named your dog) gets a certain distance away from you, it alerts your phone.

Losing your phone, too, would probably ruin it.

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