Stark Tank

Leather Bags, Pocket Squares and James Dean

Rebel Without a Cause: great movie for many reasons.

The drag racing.

The red jacket.

The James Dean playing Jim Stark who inspired this shop called J. Stark, a Charleston-based Americana depot housing all manner of pocket squares, Horween leather bags and other things you want, online now.

Fact: Everything in here was named after the streets in Cleveland where the designer’s parents grew up in the ’50s and ’60s. Now allow us to suggest a few items that you should click on first and subsequently procure:
  • The Scranton: A Horween leather belt that apparently smells like hickory and pork rinds. No, really. Says that and everything.
  • The Nato: A horsehide update on the namesake nylon strap. It resembles the aforementioned belt. Only it goes on your wrist. And helps tell time.
  • The Hamilton: A line of double-stitched pocket squares that take many forms. Chiefly among them: blue polka dots, red chambray and indigo railroad stripes.
  • The Franklin: A leather bag that should be filled with said belts and pocket squares and then taken to faraway places.
  • The Fulton: A wallet that has a slanted opening because it’s actually intended for your front pocket.
Plan for an adjustment period.

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