Fountain of Truth

An App That Hides Your Phone’s True Identity

None There’s so much you would say if you could just find the right words.

And there’s so much more you would say if those words were impossible to be traced back to you.

You can handle Truth, an app that conceals your identity by making your phone number impossible to track so you can text people anonymously, now available for iPhone.

Download the app and text someone like you normally would. The person on the receiving end will open it like they normally would. Only instead of your name, they’ll see a picture of an owl in a bow tie or a sheriff’s hat. Because of course that’s what they’ll see. Then they can respond. Or, you know, understandably choose not to.

And since you asked, here are some fake examples of things you can say:

—“Everyone knows it was you who let Johnson take the fall for eating the last crab rangoon.”

—“Your eyes are as blue as a perfectly ripe blueberry.”

—“Just kidding. I took the last rangoon.”

—“Look over your shoulder.”

Maybe never text that last thing.

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