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This Lightbulb Has a “Party Mode”

None If you were a cartoon character, a lightbulb would appear above your head every time you had a good idea.

You’d probably also be friends with a talking doorknob. Or like a philosophical shoe.

That’s not the point. But speaking of lightbulbs...

Here’s one called LightFreq, an Atlanta-based invention that’s a lightbulb that’s way too smart for its own good that’s now available for preorder.

Once you sync it with the corresponding app, it’s a lot of things. But mostly...

It’s an intercom.
Install a bulb in every room. Then use your phone to tell someone in the kitchen to bring you a glass of milk. Or play a creepy game of Marco Polo. Act like God if time permits.

It’s a speaker/DJ.
It’ll change colors and speed depending on what you’re listening to. When in doubt: Captain & Tennille.

It’s an aura-friendly phone assistant.
You can make it flash certain colors when you get an email or a text. Which means ignoring responsibilities just got really soothing.

It’s an alarm.
It’ll increasingly emit light and/or audio for up to 30 minutes until you wake up.

It has a “party mode.”
With strobes and stuff. Set it to that next time you have company.

Or eat a sandwich, because funnier.

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