The Big Tenna

Your Cell Phone Signal Just Improved

None Cell phone coverage: it’s a bit like your upper body. Or the value of the dollar. It could always be stronger.

That’s where a thing like GoTenna comes in, a little device that’ll send your message no matter what coverage or service issue you face. They’re now taking orders for fall delivery.

What this is: basically, a stick. A stick made of metal and some tiny electronic thingies that magically help you send messages even when you have no bars.

You sync it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Your friend syncs theirs up to the companion device (they’re sold in pairs). Then, let’s say you’re at a Nats playoff game and the cell traffic is crippling the network. This will shoot out your encrypted message via long-range radio waves.

Or let’s say you’re in the woods, where there’s no cell tower for miles. And you wish you could find the campsite. This will beam out your exact location to your friends/search parties.

Yeah, this thing would really ruin a lot of horror movies.

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