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Some Grooming Greatness Out of Baltimore

Before we go on... let’s make sure this story is relevant to you.

Do you have a head?

A) Yes.
B) No.
C) Uncertain.

If your answer was C, stop somehow reading this and consult your physician immediately. If your answer was A... pay attention.

To Craft Culture Co., a Charm City–based treasure trove of things for your hair, face and facial hair, online now.

If Teddy Roosevelt were alive today: 1) he would be 155 years old, and 2) he would probably fill his grooming prescription with these guys. Because they’re making all the old-fashioned, liberally scented goods that made yesteryear so... yesteryear-y.

Stuff like:

Beard-softening oil: Made with pepper, clove and frankincense, which also makes your beard smell better. Or face, if you’re missing the beard part.

Some heavy-duty mustache wax: Scented with clove and lime peel. Consider your Salvador Dalí Halloween costume one step closer to completion.

Something for the hair on top, too: It’s styling pomade inspired by old-school barbershops, so it smells like Axe Dark Temptation. Kidding. It smells like nut butter and sweet beeswax, obviously.

A stainless-steel straight razor: Like a safety razor, minus safety.

Nothing like the smell of danger in the morning.

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