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August Wanted You to Have These

There’s a difference between having sunglasses and owning them.

“Having sunglasses” happens when you see a nice pair, like them and buy them.

“Owning sunglasses” happens when you see a nice pair, customize the hell out of them and walk around knowing that you’re better at sunglassing than everyone else.

Related, here’s Seneca Eyewear, a new site that lets you take all manner of creative license with a bunch of German-engineered sunglasses, online now.

They’re like mood rings for your face. Except they only change when you want them to, depending upon your customization efforts. Colors. Lenses. All that stuff. Also, they’re very anti. Anti-reflective. Anti-scratch. Anti-not-being-attractive.

Word to the wise: get a few pairs to start. Really cover your frame bases. Your morning coffee runs could use some thick, oversize, black-on-black ones. Same goes for that plaid number for the back nine. And the tortoise aviators with yellow lenses: those are for when your car has a full tank and you don’t have a particular destination in mind. Clearly.

Oh, and consider doing the home try-on option. That’s where they’ll send you up to five frames and let you mull them over for a week before making any decisions.

Your face will tell tales of that week.

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