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Russell Westbrook Made You Some Sunglasses

None So Russell Westbrook just launched Westbrook Frames, a new line of sunglasses designed by the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard himself. They’re named after California towns, they look like they were stolen from the set of Miami Vice, and they’re available online now.

Let’s roll the highlight reel:

The Brentwood: Picture two circles. Now picture those circles giving you an air of intelligent authority. Now picture you wearing those circles to a rooftop and discussing the state of the economy and/or layups. That’s these.

The Santa Monica: Boxy. Straight lines. Statement makers. Especially if that statement is “I’m Kanye West.”

The Malibu: Large teardrop frames with a hole in the bridge. Don these whenever you’re feeling nostalgic for Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop. Which is hopefully always.

The Hollywood: Monel frames. Roundish. Sort of a modern take on the aviator. The latest modern take, anyway.

The Remaining Six: Yep, also pretty great.

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