Swash Up

A Personal Shirt Cleaner Sounds Helpful

None Your big night out checklist:

—shine shoes
—drop off dry cleaning
—wait 10 minutes
—pick up dry cleaning
—commence big night out

And that’s how that goes now.

It’s all because of Swash, a convenient in-home cleaning device that’ll have your clothes cleaned and wrinkle-free in 10 minutes, available online now.

In a world that continues to value pants and shirts and regularly wearing both, this seems useful.

Basically, it’s a sleek closet-like appliance that quickly steams, de-wrinkles and refreshes your clothes.

To use it, just open the thing up, hang your favorite shirt inside and insert a detergent pod. Close the drawer, hit start and... go about your business while the system gets to work. Inside, it sprays a superfine mist onto your hanging clothes and circulates steam heat to remove wrinkles. It even tightens clothing fibers to restore fit. That’s thoughtful.

Ten minutes later, your shirt/whatever else is good as new, and you didn’t even have to visit the dry cleaner.

This changes everything. Well, some things.

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