Fire Brigade

This Is Where the Fire Goes

None If all goes according to the weatherman’s plan, you’ve got some cool summer nights coming up.

And two choices for dealing with it:

1) Sweater-vests.
2) Fire.

Go fetch some kindling for The Chimney Box, a steel contraption that indeed has a chimney but, more importantly, has a fire inside of it, available online now.

This is like a fire pit. But instead of billowing smoke everywhere and worrying forest-fire-preventing bears, it’s a big, handmade box that makes things feel much more backyard-appropriate.

You’ll build fires. Those fires will warm you and a comely companion. And if you’ve never uttered the phrase “adult s’mores party,” now is your time.

It’s got a set of wheels and is fully portable, so you can bring it to any situation that could be improved by enclosed flames. Like making large-format daiquiris on roof decks. Or holding whole-pig barbecues at lake houses. Or telling ghost stories in a circle on a generously proportioned boat.

Thanks, unseasonably cool summer nights.

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