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A Portable Stove for Bacon and Brats

None When embarking on an outdoor adventure, it’s best to be prepared for whatever nature may throw your way.

Like bears. Or torrential rains. Or some kind of grave situation that doesn’t involve steaks sizzling over a portable stove.

You hate those situations.

Eat better outdoors with the Zoom Dura, a wood-burning stove you never knew you needed until this very moment, available online now.

They call this a “rocket stove.” Now, it seems that refers to its high-temperature combustion chamber, vertical chimney and air source. But still... rocket stove. Feel free to pepper that into conversation.

Say, the next time you’re camping. Or frying up some bacon on your balcony. In either case, you can deploy this thing to cook other things. Just start by feeding some kindling and a few sticks into the metal chamber. Then set them ablaze to heat the cast iron stove top. Once it’s nice and hot, you’re ready to start cooking whatever it is you want to eat. Like a pot of chili or a pan full of bratwursts.

Which reminds us: bring food.

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