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Three fun facts about Delaware:

1. It was the first state to ratify the Constitution.

2. It’s the second-smallest state.

3. It... has the world’s only Dogfish Head hotel.

Set course for Dogfish Inn, a beachfront hotel from the makers of Dogfish Head beer that has 16 rooms with direct access to a cooling ocean breeze, opening July 4 in Lewes, Delaware, and now taking reservations.

This is a hotel from a beer company. And it looks nice. In a beach-bummy kind of way. In each room: stuff like Tivoli radios, Sonos wireless speakers and screen prints of Dogfish Head beer labels. Just so you don’t forget who owns the place.

There is, however, one catch. There’s no beer. Yeah, awkward. For that, you’ll have to head to the nearby Dogfish Head brewpub. Or the nearby brewery. Or the liquor store down the street.

Still, there are plenty of things to occupy your time. Like kayaking in the Atlantic, hiking through the local state park or lying on the beach. And in the evenings, you can browse through the downstairs library curated by San Francisco’s City Lights bookstore.

In a pinch, books make a great bottle opener.


Dogfish Inn
105 Savannah Rd
Lewes, DE, 19958


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